mlWin 2.12

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  • Application Name: mlwin

    Application Version: 2.12

    Company Name: Bristol University Centre for Multilevel Modeling

    Sequencer Version: 4.5

    App-V Client Version tested on: <List the versions of the App-V, you have tested on>

    Operating System sequenced on: Windows XPSP3

    *Posted by non-Microsoft Employee: David Barker, University of Leeds


    ·         Run MLwiN.msi on a clean machine without App-v running

    ·         Click advanced

    ·         Click install just for you

    ·         Install everything

    ·         This should install a folder to your local machine at:-

    ·         C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Apps\MLwiN teaching version

    ·         You need to make a copy of this folder.

    Client Operating Systems successfully deployed to: <List the operating systems the application was successfully deployed to>

    Steps to sequence the application:

    <Step1> Package Configuration Wizard

    Title Information

    For Suite Name (Required) enter: mlwin212.v01

    For Title enter: mlwin212.v01

    For Comments enter:

    For Server Hostname enter: <Default>

    For Server Port enter: <Default>

    For Server URL Path enter: mlwin212.v01



    Don’t have anything install on first use

    Disable any auto updates

    Sequence all or as much as possible in the first pass

    Run any installed applications twice in this phase and set options until the applications settle down

    Insert installation instructions and screenshots here if they exist or create them if known


    <Step3> Begin sequencing:

    ·         Make a folder on Q:\mlwin212.v01 – this will be the repository for the files above.

    ·         Begin the snapshot and copy the files (just the files and not the folder) from C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Apps\MLwiN teaching version to: Q:\mlwin212.v01

    ·         Create a shortcut as normal from mlwin.exe and place in statistics.

    ·         Run the application and click “options” then “directories” you may need to change the path to Q:\mlwin212.v01.

    Known Issues/limitations: N/A

    Approximate sequencing time:

    Other (Optional fields)

    App-V friendly copy protection scheme?  N/A

    Additional Notes/Links: N/A

    Custom scripts to assist in the process: N/A



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