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  • Hi, I am not sure if I got this right: So far my understanding of Exchange 2007 SP3 and Win 2008 R2 are as following:

    1. A fresh installation Exchange 2007 with SP3 on Win 2008 R2 is fully supported.
    2. Upgrade Exchange 2007 SP1/SP2 to SP3 are not supported?
    3. Slipstream install Exchange 2007 SP3 by using a Exchange 2007 SP1/SP2 on Win 2008 R2 is(not?) supported?

    Recently one of my colleague tried install Exchange 2007 SP1 on a Win 2008 R2. Somehow he got it installed but with various issues as it is not supported. So he decide to re-install the Exchange. After un-install, he download the SP3 and put the SP3 package under upgrade folder of Exchange 2007 SP1 media. Base on the readme document in that folder, Exchange 2007 will automatically detect the SP3 package and install it. However, it didn't happen but the Exchange 2007 installation went successfully on the WIN2008r2 server. He then upgrade Exchange to SP3 by run the SP3 exe file afterwards. We tested the server. No error from eventlogs, services are all up. Can send/receive emails in OWA. Then the problem comes: Cannot connect to Exchange from Outlook 2007!!!

    Tried all the measures suggested by MS KB. No luck. Checked CAS everything looks fine, use BPA did a few scans for health, permission, readiness... all look good. But Outlook just keep prompt asking for password. Finally we decide to install a new Exchange server in the same domain but on a Win 2008 server. After that we move ONE mailboxe across to the new Exchagne 2007 server. And That mailbox can connect from Outlook successfully. Mailboxes sits on the Win 2008 R2 Exchange server still cannot...

    So here you go... I will suggest anyone out there, if you need to install a Exchange 2007, AVOID Win 2008 R2 as much as possible! Although MS claim SP3 supports Win 2008 r2. Unless you have a SP3 Exchange 2007 installation media.

    Saturday, September 25, 2010 12:10 PM

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  • There is no need to slipstream when installing Exchange 2007 SP3 . You only slipstream rollups, not service packs in Exchange. What should have done after removing Exchange was simply install the 2007 SP3 setup. That has everything in it and is the supported method as you mentioned.



    Saturday, September 25, 2010 1:49 PM