Severe bug in SteadyState - DO NOT USE !!! RRS feed

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  • I have installed SteadyState on 40+ Dell computers in an active directory domain environment.  On EVERY computer the SCTsvc service goes into a loop and consumes the CPU and makes the computer unusable.  The CPU loop does not occur immediately, there is a delay of minutes to hours.  Several other people have reported this problem as well.  The problem is not as obvious on dual-cpu computers because only one of the CPUs is locked in a loop.

    I can live with the other problems in SteadyState but this one is a show stopper.  After considerable effort (there is a bug in removing SteadyState as well) I have removed SteadyState everywhere.  Microsoft has shown no interest in this problem beyond "have you tried a clean boot?".

    To bad.  In other respects this looks like a great product; well-defined GUI and the functionality is good.  Should there ever be a new release I will test it but for now this product is worthless ...
    Monday, May 11, 2009 5:29 PM