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  • Hello all,

    Please excuse the length of this post.  My primary focus is on the impact of re-baseline on Earned Value metrics.

    Consider performing a scope management update to your project baseline where a new task is being added.  Under certain circumstances when using the “Set Baseline Selected tasks” with the “Roll-up to All Summary Tasks” selected the baseline work may be redistributed at higher level summary tasks including the Project Summary Task (Task 0).   Consider the following schedule (Figure 1), the current baseline includes the tasks “Detail 1” and “Detail 2”, “New Task” is the task being added to the scope of the project.  Note that Task “Detail 1” is planned to start and finish one day early. With a focus on task “Detail1” and related summary tasks, note that the baseline associated with this task shows 8 hours per day from 07/18 through 07/31:

    Figure 1:

    Figure 2 shows the same schedule after Re-baseline of selected “New Task”, note that the “Summary Task” and Project Summary task both show the baseline work between 07/18 and 07/30 being redistributed back to the new start date of 07/17 at 7.2 hours per day and baseline work on 07/31 being distributed forward at 0.47 hours per day (along the slack of the task which is not shown).  Although it is not shown here, both baseline work and cost are impacted equally. Finally the alterations are reflected in the project summary task (Task 0) as well.

    Through extensive testing, this behavior seems to only be observed when any task in the project file is ahead of schedule (starts before baseline finish or finishes early).  Further, the task(s) causing a change in the summary tasks do not necessarily have to be in the same summary group as the task being added. 

    I am currently using Project Professional 2010 SP1 however this has been observed in 2007 as well.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior?  If so, how was it resolved?

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