Google Sketchup 7

    General discussion

    • Application Name: Google Sketchup
    • Application Version: 7.1
    • Company Name: Google
    • Sequencer Version: 4.5.2
    • App-V Client Version tested on: Windows XP  / Windows 7
    • Operating System sequenced on: Windows XP SP3
    • Client Operating Systems successfully deployed to: Windows XP / Windows 7
    • *Posted by non-Microsoft Employee: Scott Harrington, Newham
    • Steps to sequence the application:
    • Open Internet Explorer and navigate to
    1. Select Download Google Sketchup
    2. Check Windows XP/Vista/7 and select Agree and Download
    3. Right click on the information bar in Internet Explorer and select Download File
    4. Save setup file to desktop
    5. Create a folder on the Q drive called googlesk.000
    6. Start the Application Virtualization Sequencer and create a new package
    7. Enter Package Name
    8. Begin Monitoring, select above folder created on Q drive
    9. Run GoogleSketchupWEN.exe from setup file saved to the desktop
    10. Click Next
    11. Click  Accept Licence agreement and click Next
    12. Change installation directory to Q:\googlesk.000\Google\Google SketchUp 7 and click Next
    13. Click Install
    14. Uncheck the Default Search engine in Internet Explorer & Install Google toolbar options
    15. Click Finish
    16. Run Application from Icon on Desktop
    17. Select a Template and click Start using Sketchup
    18. Click Stop monitoring
    19. Click Next
    20. Click Next
    21. Edit OSD Properties as required
    22. Click Next
    23. Launch the Application
    24. Select Finish
    25. Save Package and run application on client machine

    Aproximate Sequencing time: 20 minutes

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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010 11:39 AM