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  • Hi,

    A )
    Have saved my non resource non cost loaded schedule as Baseline and started updating the schedule from 01.06.11 as follows (it is only a task activity schedule):

    1.Project - Project Information-Update the status date
    2.Tools -Tracking-Save Baseline-Entire Project = Saved the schedule as Baseline
    3.View - Table - Tracking & again View - Tracking Gnatt
    4.Adjust the columns that we want to view in the Tracking Gnatt
    5.Then I have entered the Acual Start date & Actual Finish date of an Activity along with the Physical % Complete. This % I am calculating from the quntum of work.(Say from 100 sqm of levelling 40 sqm is completed then Physical % complete = 40%.)
    6.Tools - Tracking-Update Project- Reschedule uncompleted work to start after: I entered the Status Date of the project and For Entire Project was selected.

    Is this the procedure correct to track a baseline schedule or there is any other way ?

    If I have to allocate resources to the activities,
    Act a : Shuttering 15.07.11 to 15.09.11 (BQ=5000 sqm) , output of 1 carp=5sqm / day, so required for this particular activity say =5000 /(60*5)= 17 nos. Now this is for a particular activity a. Similarly if there are n activities involving the carpenters I will allocate the resources. But where shall I be entering the Max Carpenters in numbers?

    If I require to show the % planned for an activity, the formula I got from searching the numerous threads here is as follows

    IIf([Baseline Start]>[Status Date],0,IIf([Baseline Finish]<=[Status Date],100,ProjDateDiff([Status Date],[Baseline Start],"Standard")/ProjDateDiff([Baseline Finish],[Baseline Start],"Standard")*100))

    but it is showing for some activities as 200%.

    I have entered this formula in the following way:
    Tools-Customize- Fields- Type-Number 1 (renamed it as % planned)
    Custom attributes - Formula (the above formula)
    Then inserted a Date 1(renamed as Status date) column and said 15.07.11.

    Request the experienced persons to guide me in my queery.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 6:44 AM


  • Hi Rohit,

    A ) Yes the process is right, but if you are planning to assign resources also to the plan, make sure you assign them with their costs etc and then Baseline the schedule.

    B) I m afraid I didn't understand the question here, I assumed you want to assign Max Number of a Resource type to a task, that could be done by using the Resource Unit. Double Click on a task, go to Resources Tab and there you can define the units for a resource on the task. Say 5 Carpenters means 500% i.e. 5 carpenters working on a task at 100% units.

    C) The way you have inserted and customized the Column is correct, but I personally never used this Formula, though it works perfectly most of the times. Another mode to know the Planned % Complete is when you go to Tools -> Tracking -> Update Project -> Update Work as Completed through (there in you have Status date by defualt coming in the drop down) when you say OK, it fills % Complete as per the planned.

    But anyways since you are using Physical % Complete method to track the progress of your Project based on the nature of your project, % Complete may not be that useful/factual for you. Tracking Gantt is best option to visualize the schedule.

    Sapna S
    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:40 AM