two custom new item forms for single list problems.


  • Hello

    Found strange thing and may be somebody know how to overcome it ?

    sharepoint foundation 2010 and spd 2010

    i am writing internet face web site with custom design. i have a list where i want to put data entered in contact form on a web site
    i have two pages with form which should place data in a sinlge list

    what i did.

    select list, properties, add new form. name it order.aspx. get some code in it, check is it working. yes

    select list, properties add new form. name it contact-request. get some code in it. check is it working. yes

    check did order.aspx working = now. blank page. open file.. there is no any code for form and for writing to the list

    well.. copy code from contact-request to order.aspx . save it, try it. it is working

    go to contact-reqest , try it . blank screen. no code

    so either spd or sharepoint foundation itself remove all code for new item form from all attached new items form except the one i save

    anyway to overcome it except for having separate list for each form ?



    Wednesday, August 11, 2010 11:07 AM

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  • little addition. that happened if i copy code from first page to the second.

    if i write new code in page two. both pages working

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010 3:02 PM