Sharepoint 2016 online list created from an excel table can't be switched from classic to new experience


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    I have created a Sharepoint list (Sharepoint 2016 online) from an excel table (office 2016). The export/import works fine but the sharepoint list keeps the classic experience instead of receiving the new one. The option to change this does not exist in the list's 'Advanced settings'. However, if you create a new list directly in Sharepoint, you can switch to the new experience. If you look at the site's Admin settings, it is set to use the new experience. How come the list created from the excel table cannot use the new experience and is there any way to bypass this? 

    I can also add that there are no issues using or making changes to the imported list. It can even be successfully connected to Power BI, but does not work together with Flow or Powerapps.

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    Friday, August 12, 2016 8:03 AM

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