Wrong RequestUri? Cannot make outbound calls, but inbound ok. RRS feed

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  • I cannot seem to make any outbound calls from our Lync environment, and I suspect I'm missing a step that tells Lync where to direct the call.

    What makes me think this is that inbound calls are fine, however when I try to make an outbound call I see this in my Lync log:

    RequestUri: sip:+61<dialednumber>@mydomain.com.au;user=phone

    From: sip:mysipuri@mydomain.com.au;tag=1d04434ae3

    To: sip:+61<dialednumber>@mydomain.com.au;user=phone;tag=02462AF86C67AF06F11508AC20B0FD28

    Call-ID: d29d92d617d44ef8a747d2cde0078f6f

    Our SIP trunk provider is MyNetFone, so I'm guessing that what I should be seeing is it send traffic to "+61<dialednumber>@sip30.mynetfone.com.au".

    Any pointers on what I may have missed?


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    Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:53 AM


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