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  • I have to say that getting the article to look like I wanted was a painful process.  I guess it was stupid of me to think that I could copy / paste a Microsoft Word document.  After exploring this forum I realized, to late, the error in that. 

    What I don't understand is that another Microsoft product, SkyDrive, displayed the Word document perfectly. Is it possible that the SkyDrive Word app could be included?

    Oh well, live and learn.

    "Those who use Application.DoEvents() have no idea what it does and those who know what it does never use it." JohnWein

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 2:04 PM

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  • Copying material from other sources, such as web sites or Word documents, can cause problems in the TechNet Wiki. The copied article gets styles and span tags and strange anchor name tags in the HTML. In your case the headings had anchor name tags created by Word that the Wiki TOC feature did not recognize. Also, for some reason, the [toc] tag had a style applied that made it display offset to the left. I had to edit the HMTL to remove this style and the Word anchor tag names.

    I had a similar experience with my first few articles. I copied material from my web site, but it just made things too difficult. I have found that the best practice is to work strictly in the Wiki editor. You can paste in text, but I use the Wiki buttons to define headings.

    You also encountered a bug in the TOC feature. This feature automatically creates anchor tags for your headings, so each entry in the TOC can link to the correct heading. But if the heading text includes the zero character, "0", the anchor tag name also has the "0" character and a bug causes it to be ignored. Your problem heading in the HTML appeared similar to below:

    <h1><a name="Using_the_SieveBase30_Class"></a><a name="Using_the_SieveBase30_Class"></a>Using the SieveBase30 Class</h1>

    The anchor tag with name "Using_the_SieveBase30_Class" appears twice because the TOC does not recognize it, and it gets created each time the article is saved. And, the heading still did not appear in the final Table of Contents. I fixed this (in the HTML editor) as follows:

    <h1><a name="Using_the_SieveBaseThirty_Class"></a>Using the SieveBase30 Class</h1>

    Notice I replaced "30" in the anchor tag name with "Thirty". The only caution is to make sure the anchor tag names are unique in the article. If the anchor tag names for two headings are identical, both entries in the TOC will link to the same point in the article. Again, the fix requires that you modify the anchor tag names in the HTML editor. This is unfortunate, but the only workaround we have at this time.

    These are all known issues. There are others as well. These issues have been brought to the attention of the developers. We will see if improvements can be made.

    Still, your article looks pretty good now. The code blocks in particular are great.

    Richard Mueller - MVP Directory Services

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 4:47 PM
  • Thanks Richard for the detailed explanation of the issue.



    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 8:08 PM
  • Thanks Richard for the details, I faced same issue.
    Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:28 PM