After recent update to Windows 10 1909 PsKill will hang (sometimes) after success but b4 message blocking build cmd file. RRS feed

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  • After recent update to Windows 10 1909 PsKill will hang 'sometimes' (after success but b4 message) blocking build cmd file.

    The build process is a long CMD file, that call another CMD file that in turn calls a a document generator which will complete (but stay open), and pskill has been used with a timer to close this window to allow the build to continue.  This has been working for years (and on Windows 7 before Windows 10).

    From inside the called cmd file I start yet another CMD file with

    start "HelpGen" /I /W C:\Work\Quoxient\Source\Qsoar\Publish\hnd4_gen_help_users_pdf.cmd

    Which looks like this:

    set ALLOW_TIME_TO_RUN=15

    del C:\Work\Quoxient\Source\Qsoar\Publish\hnd_pdf_usermanual_log.log

    start "Help!" /B /I /D "C:\Program Files (x86)\IBE Software\HelpNDoc 4\" CMD /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\IBE Software\HelpNDoc 4\hnd4.exe" C:\Work\Quoxient\HelpNDoc\Quoxient_Documentation.hnd /g /l=C:\Work\Quoxient\Source\Qsoar\Publish\hnd_pdf_usermanual_log.log /b="Build pdf User Manual" /silent"

    @echo Wait for %ALLOW_TIME_TO_RUN% seconds

    timeout %ALLOW_TIME_TO_RUN%

    C:\Apps\SysinternalsSuite\pskill -t hnd4


    PsKill successfully kills 'hnd4.exe' but most of the time doesn't not print the success message, and the CMD window stays open, blocking the build from continuing.

    Sunday, July 19, 2020 5:51 AM