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  • Abbas,

    I can come up with a couple different ways to do it. If there is another easier way, perhaps someone else will jump in with a suggestion.

    First method.

    1. Set the resource calendar to allow work on non-working days.

    2. On the Resource Sheet select the resource double click on the resource to bring up the Resource Information window.

    3. Select the Cost tab

    4. In the effective date, enter the first non-working day for which the resource will be paid overtime

    5. Enter the overtime rate in the Standard rate for that date. Note: you may or may not have an overtime rate for a non-working day. For example, say the resource's standard rate is $10/h. For standard week overtime and non-working days he is paid time and a half, but for overtime on a non-working day he is paid double time.

    6. In the next line down of the cost table enter the next normal working day date and enter the normal standard pay rate.

    7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for however long the non-working days continue.

    Obviously this approach has limitations since the cost rate table for a given resource is limited to 25 rows. You could use additional tables (i.e. B, C, etc.) but that would require more effort to switch between cost rate tables

    Second method:

    1. Create a new resource (e.g. if "Bill" is the resource, create a "Bill-o" resource, the "o" meaning overtime)

    2. Set up the new resource calendar for work on non-working days only

    3. Set the standard rate for "Bill-o" to be the overtime rate

    4. Assign both resources to a task. Project will automatically assign "Bill" to the normal workweek and "Bill-o" to the non-working days.

    The second approach gets around the cost rate table limitation but it does require multiple resources

    Hope this helps.


    Saturday, January 26, 2013 5:27 PM