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  • Hi all, enjoying the vista beta for my Media center pc. I dont know where to put this post because there is no general section.. but anyway here it goes: 4 things..

    1. I need to use RDP, which is all fine and dandy, but that means I need to set a password for my user account, and that means I need AUTO LOGIN. I can access those controls by typing 'control userpasswords2' - but it is nowhere to be found in vista itself?

    Anyway, auto login refuses to work. Everytime I reboot it tries to log in as the administrator account and it says that it is locked out. I cannot get it to log in without setting the password blank. This is quite anoying since the only device I have hooked up usually is the MCE remote.

    2. While watching TV or playing videos, vista insists on locking itself, I have no idea where to turn this off. I guess if I turn the switch off monitor after 20min option it will go away, but I dont want to do that. It should not be locking itself while in media center!

    3. When browing files in 'explorer', I often use the keyboard, as I find it way quicker. However whenever I change folders the focus shifts away from files/folder list and goes to the organise tab. This is so anoying! - Also using backspace to go back sometimes stops working completely.

    4. Small thing: When you close a program and an item 'slides' along the taskbar, it jitters a lot, often going right to the begining and the end a few times before comming to rest. This is wierd :)

    Other then those issues all is well, oh and im using the latest beta 4572 or whatever it is. Great work on vista! but I fear theres still a long way to go.
    Sunday, August 6, 2006 5:04 AM