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  • Ran into an interesting problem while setting up DPM 2012 on our SQL Server machine.  This is a small organisation, we have just the one machine running SQL with 3 named instances.  The default instance is stopped because we don't use it and there was another stopped instance that had been used while setting up the first three and was no longer in use.  After installing the DPM agent on the SQL machine we tried to create a new protection group for it.  Chose the type and then went to select the members.  When expanding the SQL machine DPM just hung there, with the hourglass, no details came up even after leaving it all day.  Opening any other machine was done generally in a matter of seconds without a problem.

    Investigating the issue was a real puzzle (because there were a few other matters obscuring things) but eventually we discovered that even though those two instances were stopped DPM was still trying to log in to them and failing.  My testing showed it could handle one stopped instance but whatever method it uses to move onto the next instance was failing and causing it to hang.  Uninstalled the second inactive instance (left the default one there) and DPM expanded the list of volumes, shares, and instances with no problem.  It still tries to login to the default server despite the fact that it's not running which takes a few minutes but it doesn't permanently hang any more.

    Has anyone else encountered something like this?  Should DPM even be trying to access a SQL server instance that isn't running?  To me it seems fairly obvious that if a SQL Server instance is stopped then DPM shouldn't try to login because it will never work but perhaps I'm missing something.

    Friday, August 3, 2012 4:51 AM

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