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  • Hi all,

                 having issues with migrating some virtual packages.

    One side is config mgr 2007 SP2 R3, the other 2012 RTM.

    All collections, packages, TS's etc have migrated fine - its just the virtual packages.

    On the 2007 side, the virtual packages do have a valid source path and both the account im using and the 2012 computer account is a local admin on the 2007 server, as well as a sccm "full" administrator and SQL sysadmin.

    In the migmctrl.log i get

    Worker]: Migrating object SMS_Package.PackageID='001001D7' ...~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.247-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Set the status of the entity VLC46sp1 to Running.~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.248-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Set the status of the job entity VLC46sp1 to Running.~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.249-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Migrating AppV package VLC46sp1 (SMS_Package.PackageID=001001D7)~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.357-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Set the status of the entity VLC46sp1 to Failed.~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.367-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Set the status of the job entity VLC46sp1 to Failed.~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.367-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>
                                                                    ERROR: [Worker]: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The operation completed successfully     at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.Impersonator.Impersonate(String domainName, String userName, String password)     at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.AppVMigrator.MigrateAppVPackages(String objectPath, String contentDest)     at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.AppVMigrator.MigrateObject(MIG_Entity entity)     at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.MigrationManager.Migrator.<MigrateObjects>d__0.MoveNext()~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><11-05-2012 11:21:34.376-630><thread=2000 (0x7D0)>

    which doesnt seem helpful to me - but hey, maybe im missing something (i hope im missing something)

    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what it may be - as i'm at a bit of a loss on it.

    Monday, November 5, 2012 12:58 AM

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  • Hi

    Virtual packages are supported to be migrated on that Service Pack Level.

    Are all Virtual packages failing?

    Is this issue resolved?

    Some pointers:

    When you migrate content, it is the compressed source files that migrate to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

    When you migrate App-V packages, they are converted to applications in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. Additionally, based on existing advertisements for the App-V package, the following deployment types are created in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager:

    • If there are no advertisements, one deployment type is created that uses the default deployment type settings.
    • If one advertisement exists, one deployment type is created that uses the same settings as the Configuration Manager 2007 advertisement.
    • If multiple advertisement exists, a deployment type is created for each Configuration Manager 2007 advertisement, using the settings for that advertisement.

    If you migrate a previously migrated Configuration Manager 2007 App-V package to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, the migration fails because virtual application packages do not support the overwrite migration behavior. In this scenario, you must delete the migrated virtual application package from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, and then create a new migration job to migrate the virtual application.


    Thursday, November 15, 2012 8:22 PM
  • yes, all the packages are failing.

    I have manually re-created the virtual app packages (copied content, added manifest) - which was do-able in this case due to the number... but i am concerned by the amount of issues that seem to occur using the migration tool - and the seeming un-fix-ability of them.

    Thursday, November 15, 2012 11:54 PM
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem.

    Did you find a solution please?

    Thank you

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013 12:34 PM
  • No - as per the post above, I ended up manually copying the content and re-creating the applications.
    Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:48 PM