VM Domaine Controler : backup and restore, is it sufficient to save only the vhd?


  • Hello,

    - We have 2 DC's windows server 2008R2 in our domaine, both are vm in different hosts.

    - Bakup procedure: For backup we save daily the vhd for each machine

    - Restore procedure: for restore (for exemple if we lost the host) we will juste create a new vm with the same configuration and attach the vhd.

    + But a friend told me that this solution is not possible for DC machine, we can use it for another server (printer, antivirus, dhcp....) but not for DC, is it true?

    + Must i use windows server backup to save the ADDS and DNS ?

    + Is there a open third party solution ?

    Many thank's

    Thursday, June 7, 2018 8:18 AM


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