EWS setup of our domain + Skype for Business RRS feed

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  • Hello All

    We have the following setup in our organization concerns to EWS

    Our internal domain is A.com and we have 33 other domains which is just email domains

    We have a zone in our internal DNS for A.com but not for other 33 domains 

    The primary domain for the skype for business in our environment is A.com and we dont have the 33 other domains listed as additional SIP domain

    So basically we would have skype account as user@A.com and email address would user@b.com and hence the skype and email ID isnt identical.

    Also we have a firewall (Netscalar) with Internal and External VIP. Internal VIP doesn't have any  restriction but the External VIP has autodiscover disabled and hence the EWS wont work for outside users.

    We then found that the autodiscover.A.com is pointing to the External VIP wherein the EWS is disabled. So we pointed the autodiscover.A.com to internal VIP where there is no restriction.

    Now those with identical SIP and email ID , in other words SIP and Email ID listed as user@A.com has EWS working properly

    Other users with different SIP and email ID has troubles getting EWS populated on skype.

    Any suggestions. We dont have zone for other domains except A.com

    This was working properly before the EWS was blocked on external VIP

    Thursday, November 14, 2019 5:31 PM

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