Unable to load infopath task form - cannot query sharepoint list


  • I'm creating a custom workflow, and I have a task within that workflow that uses a custom designed InfoPath 2010 form.  Within in that form, I have a drop down list box control that pulls data from a sharepoint 2010 list.

    When I preview the form in IP, the list box loads correctly.  When I access the form via the workflow task directly from the tasks list, I'm getting the following error.  "You do not have permissions to access a SharePoint list that contains data required for this form to function correctly."  I'm running this is development on my local workstation and I have admin rights so I cannot see how it is a permissions issue.

    When I open the task from the task notification email in Outlook, everything loads correctly there.

    How to I fix this so that I can get it working in both the task email in Outlook, as well as by opening the task from the tasks list in IE?

    Josh Burwell

    Thursday, April 12, 2012 2:07 PM

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