Approval Workflow, Approving multiple requests at the same sends a random amount of Email notifications RRS feed

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    I'm currently building a system similar to this post:

    I have a bunch of applications which users can request access to via thier Profile page.
    Each application has its own attributes, MPR and workflows.

    When a request is approved the action workflow sends a notification email to the requester.

    If a user makes multiple Update Requests to thier Person object, and I approve them all at once. They receive 1 notification email instead of the supposed 4.

    If i approve them 1 by 1 they get all the emails.

    If this is a FIM design feature, how do I go about making sure users get an email for each application/access they request?

    *edit* If i request 4 identical applications (in seperate requests), which trigger the same MPR and WF, and also approve those as 1 big Approval, users get thier 4 emails as intended.

    Found this:
    Action - FIM 2010 executes any processes that are to occur because of the requested operation. All action workflows are run in parallel. Read operations do not have any workflows applied to their processing. This includes the configured workflows in the RMPR as well as the workflows in the set transition-based MPRs.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 10:49 AM