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  • Hi all,

    Sorry for the cross-post... already posted my question in general, but it's actually also related to development.

    I have a program that launch a WebDAV query to search for contacts on an Exchange 2007 server. The number of contacts returned for each user's mailbox is quite high (about 4500).
    I've noticed that each time the WebDAV query is launched, about 15 transaction log files (Ennxxxx.log) are generated on the Exchange server (each of them 1Mb). If I ask only for 2 properties on the contacts, this number is reduced to about 8.

    All log files seem to contain information about the contacts that are returned from the query. Although the log file is binary, I can see some entries like "I P M . C o n t a c t" followed by the name, phone or some other info from the contact. There are hundreds of entries like that in each of the 15 log files, so I guess it generated logs for each of the 4350 contacts returned.

    I've made a simple test program where I'm sure that only the query is launched to the server and nothing else when the search is launched (I've especially used Fiddler to see what request are being to the server).

    So Exchange really seems to write logs when it build the search results to be returned from the WebDAV query, although no updates are done on the mailbox (at least not be me).

    I was wondering if anyone else had this behavior too. Why Exchange is generating so many log files when no updates are done, but only a read-only search?  Is there way (a WebDAV parameter?) to say Exchange not to generate all these files when doing a search?

    Thanks for your help,

    Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:12 AM