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  • Currently my company stores all of the electronic form templates in a dedicated folder on the server.  All users access them from within Word (FILE>NEW.... ), then save to hard drive or different server location. For varied reasons, the link to the master and any customizations (ie., macros, routines, etc.) gets broken.  I now understand that both the document and the master template need to be un-locked to allow for the re-linking.


    Is there a way, perhaps with a pop-up that the user could scroll thru a list of templates, make a selection and relink?  I realize this would be more than a simple macro.  The routine would have to direct the user to a separate directory where the unlocked templates could be stored, unlock the document, run thru the steps for the AddInk, provide a listing that the user would make their selection from, process and add the template to the file, re-lock the template and close out..... figure it couldn't hurt to ask


    Can't put master templates into template folder, Word Startup or Office Startup folders as there are thousands of users covering the globe.  Just not feasible.


    Regards - Lenny33

    Thursday, October 11, 2012 3:20 PM

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  • Hi Lenny,

    What do you mean "link gets broken"? Can it be fixed?

    Max Meng

    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012 2:42 PM
  • Max:  my understanding has always been that at the time of creation of a .docx/.doxm the path is inserted into the vb editor pointing to the template that created it.  This is whether in the template or other folder location on an individual computer or on a network.  Because users move the documents to laptops, upload to other folders, are downloaded by other users, emailed to customers, etc.  When opening at any location other than where it was created, customizations and macros cannot be accessed because the document then defaults to the normal template on the computer or device where it is opened and there are no customizations there to access.  There are thousands of employees globally accessing from the network, so placing the templates onto individual computers is not a consideration.  This has been a problem since 2000....

    I want to set up a routine that will let the user unlock if necessary, and re-link their document with the correct template where the customizations are.  I discovered that both the document and the master template need to be unprotected in order to re-link.  I use a common password for the companys master templates.

    When users open a document and there is not an accessible 'tab' with the customizations they are used to seeing from 2003, they send me the file to 'fix'.  Something I've noticed, is that unlike 2003, when I try to re-link from 'my computer', it keeps adding the path from my computer to the network.  I have tried correcting it to generic settings to the network, without much success so am stumped and majorly frustrated with Microsoft.

    Any eye opening relevations or solutions would be greatly appreciated

    Lenny 33

    Tuesday, October 23, 2012 3:01 PM