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    I have Been Having an Issue With access denied Errors (Note UAC is already Turned off so please don't suggest it)

    and i am wondering if there is a solution it normally isnt an issue but i recently crashed my computer and had to boot from CD and ended up using the recovery console but i got this odd error message during the Attempted System Restore


    System Restore Unsuccessful

    None of your files were changed/restored


    Error Access Denied        


    Why did i get an access denied error while booting from cd ...appearantly Microsoft need to rethink some of their security settings for their next update so i can restore my system next time this happens


    This is Related To Another Issue as Well



    - WMP 11.6     


    The files to delete the WMP 11.6 update are in system protected read only files that give the following error message when you attempt to delete them


    Note User Account Control IS Disabled


    You Need Permission to Preform The following action


    Delete File


    Options :             Try Again        Cancel





    if anyone has a way around this please tell me

    Sunday, April 6, 2008 10:01 AM