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  • My Defender Pro anti-virus software detercted this but will not delete it. Malwarebytes Malaware and Spybot will not remove it either. Any ideas please? It is blocking my Windows Updates and giving me the 80072EFE code. Thanks and please HELP@
    Saturday, June 5, 2010 9:56 PM

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  • MikeInPCFL

    If you or anyone still has this symptom, try something very, very easy first.   Download and run the free rootkill program from kaspersky.  it will take less than 2 min for results.  If it detects the @#$%!! worm, then let it zap it.


    Testimonies are in the following thread link from fellow happy campers.   Page down about halfway to the 26charlie post.  Skip past all of the complex windows instructions from the experts  (unhelpful posts) that are credited by other experts for "answering" this problem because they do nothing to help.  Moderators should stop giving each other credits for solving things when there isn't ever any independent posts verifying it really was the answer.  (Just look how much that happens in the hundreds of these "cant update" threads )


    Moderators Note:   The rootkill program should be the absolute FIRST thing the experts suggest before anything else - BY DEFAULT - because it remedies so many other problematic symptoms besides this update problem and associated fail codes.  And it does no harm to try it.  Five minutes well spent.  Gads, its so damned simple too!  Very elegant. 

    Its very disconcerting to see how the "experts" here are quick to give other experts the credits for solving things, when in fact, their instructions can be very demoralizing to the average user, when they cant get a remedy after following the instructions.  It must be a cockpit problem if they cant get a remedy the experts agree was the fix, so they will tend to give up.  Do you know what i mean?

    I'm not associated at all with that company  i'm just trying to help other people with this same issue.  Its just a shame the experts here are crediting each other for things that Dont work.   Please do no harm.   Others should help spread this word that they wont do here.


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    Saturday, March 5, 2011 3:46 AM
  • Malwarebytes would not remove it so I had to run it in safe mode. In safe mode it did find it and said it would remove it but had to restart to remove it. So I restarted the computer and it is still there. I will try Spybot again with TeaTimer off (not sure what teatimer is but I am sure I can find it). Will run it and see what happens and report back.

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    Thursday, April 14, 2011 4:24 AM