replace a 2003 DC with a new DC with server 2012 with a new physical server , and finaly rename it to the old DC name and replace it.


  • Hi Windows Expert,

    we need to to use a new physical server (DCserverNew) to replace the old windows 2003 physical server (DcserverOld) , which is the primary DC . my final goal is rename DcServerOld and total shut down DcServerOld. and rename DCserverNew to DcserverOld. This 2003 server also play the  DNS and DHCP server role as well .

    what is the best pratice for this change?

    I need join the new DC (DcserverNew) as a backup DC first ? or demote the existing old one (DcServerOld) , and rename SCServerOld and then Join the DcServerNew to a domain and migrate DNS server and DHCP server. 

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