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    We are in the business of pro music production and film post production.

    We operate a number of high-end DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations).

    We use a limited number of pro applications from Steinberg, Digidesign, Adobe & Sony.

    We use a limited number of pro HW devices via firewire, usb, PCI/e and LAN connections.


    Typically a DAW running with the Microsoft XpPro O/S will have the following attributes:


    DEACTIVATED or DISALLOWED operations/services


    - Internet connectivity

    - Pagefile

    - Media and entertainment services

    - System restore, backup, batch

    - Security

    - Help systems, popup suggestions, text balloons etc.

    - Logging, error detection

    - every non essential process or O/S activity.


    REQUIRED operations/services


    - Dual GbLAN connections to a data server and application sharing DAW's

    - TCP/IP protocol

    - Remote desktop connections

    - RAID 0

    - ASIO


    Before we install and configure our new DAW with VISTA64 Ultimate (SP1) we'd

    appreciate your answers to our questions below. We can of course arrive at the

    answers by trial and error but, would prefer to save our time for other activities if



    1) We will want to turn off every unwanted process/service. Is there a list of the

        absolute minimum services/processes required ?


    2) Is there a Xp TweakUI tool available for VISTA ?


    3) We will not require desktop switching functionality since the DAW has 4 monitors

        how can that service be disabled ?


    4) Our machines are deterministic by design. Are there any additional processes

        or services in VISTA that try to do the thinking for us, that we can turn off ?


    In case the HW configuration is required for you to provide us with suitable answers

    here is a summary: Dual Xeon 54xx : 16GB RAM : SATAII drives : Redundant system

    clone disk : Dual GbLAN ports : Dual Matrox Parhelia cards : ASUS Z7S WS.


    Thanks for your help.


    Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:10 AM


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