Need to recreate SMS / text message gateway on Exchange 2013 with UM RRS feed

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  • To configure SMS Text Message Notification Setting on user's Mailbox on Exchange Server

    By default SMSNotification for VoiceMail and Missed call cannot be configured using Exchange Admin Center. This can can be configured using the Exchange Powershell Command.  You can enable by using the Set-UMMailboxPolicy cmdlet and the Set-UMMailbox cmdlet in the Shell.

    You can view the status of text message notifications by using the Get-UMMailboxPolicy cmdlet and the Get-UMMailbox cmdlet.

    Attribute: UMSMSNotificationOption
    Value: VoiceMail, VoiceMailAndMissedCalls, and None

    For Example:

    Set-UMMailbox- -id MyUMMailbox -UMSMSNotificationOption VoiceMailAndMissedCalls.
    Set-UMMailboxPolicy -id MyUMMailboxPolicy - AllowSMSNotification $true.

    Ref: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd298001%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx

    Missed Calls and Voice Messages in SMS Text Message in Email Client

    To set up your phone to receive text messages when you miss calls and or have voice mail messages, use the following steps:

        In Outlook Web App, click Options > See All Options > Phone > Voice Mail tab.
        In the Notifications section, choose one of the following options:
            I only want to receive text message notifications when I have voice messages
            I want to receive text message notifications about missed calls and voice messages

    Ref: http://help.outlook.com/en-us/140/ff769960.aspx

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