Edge browser accessing local aliased domains fails RRS feed

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  • The Edge browser does not seem to use the hosts config file, such that every other browser ( firefox, chrome, opera, IE ) all can access http://some.alias.for.dev whereas Edge fails. 

    I have read on TechNet that this is likely due to Edge being a Universal Windows App, with restricted security of the container that Edge is run in and that you can overcome this by directing the request back to IE11. But this fails to answer the question for me. 

    I want to / have to develop for Edge, therefore it is not an option to pass the request back to IE. Aliasing live domains back to the local machine is a common development practice and at present I am unable to develop for Edge in the same way as every other browser. 

    Is there a way to configure Edge to adhere to the hosts entries or decrease the UA security of the container to allow access to the hosts file etc. 

    From a developer standpoint, I had abandoned IE many years ago and am willing to support Edge as the general principals are good, however it needs to be developer friendly. 

    Thursday, August 20, 2015 2:15 PM