What is the smartest way to limit the number of Requests sent to FIMservice? RRS feed

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  • A customer is going to reorganize its departmental structure. This will affect every employee there (approx 5000 users).

    There are now over 500 *new* AD groups and group membership depends directly and indirectly on the departmentNumber. The indirect method is handled by a PostProcess workflow activity. Direct membership is handled by a FIM Portal Criteria-based security group.

    I am not so concerned with normal AD attributes, it is the sheer volume of group membership changes + post processes that I am concerned about. I have no idea how many concurrent operations an AD DC can handle before it gets swamped. I believe our clients are written so that any error including "directory service busy" aborts the update.

    Potentially there suddenly could be 5000 requests sent to FIMService via export of 5000 updates to FIMMA .

    What is the smartest way to configure this FIMMA to limit the number of exports to FIMMA  based on some crieteria e.g. "lastname starts with Ba" or "EmployeeID starts with 12"

    Monday, August 25, 2014 10:35 AM

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  • Harold,

    You ask some important questions. You can throttle or accelerate the requests sent to the FIM Service through FIM MA by reading and following this info: you can make the request go serially rather than in parallel. However, most of us find that we want to make the request go in parallel so it can get done faster.

    There is no way to limit based on criteria.

    As for swamping the DC that is more a function of exporting to AD via the AD MA and that rarely happens from FIM as FIM sends the requests to the DC in a serial fashion.

    David Lundell, Get your copy of FIM Best Practices Volume 1

    Saturday, August 30, 2014 2:18 PM