AppV 4.6: Sequenced Application will only launch with local admin rights on APP V Client RRS feed

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  • Hi i Got the APP V client installed on a Citrix Server/Terminal Server i have Sequenced an application and saved it to the content share then imported the application into the Application section on the App v management server and configured it. The application shows on the app-v client and i can run it by using sfttray /launch "Application name" and it opens and works fine when logged in as a Admin user but when  i publish it via Citrix or login to the server as a Standard user the Application doesnt launch any ideas ? I have checked the Application permissions from the App v management server and the group that the non admin users are in has access

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  • What does "doesn't launch" mean? Is the application available to the standard user from a published desktop? Have looked at the App-V log at all to determine what the issue is?

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  • Ive published it as a Published application on Citrix when a standard non admin launches the application through Citrix it established the connection to server but nothing happens no App v error's nothing !!! . If an admin trys to launch the application it works fine using the same procedure

    Ive also added the non admin user into the remote desktop users on the App v client (Citrix /Terminal services server ) and ran sfttray /launch "Application name" and it doesn't launch if i do the same with a local admin account it works so its got to be permissions somewhere along the line

    I have had a look in the sftlog file but cant see anything obvious. I was planning on sticking procmon or something on

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 7:37 PM
  • Hello,

    You would perhaps need a bit more understanding of the application before hitting the !!!-key.

    1. What resources (files and registry keys) does the application utilize when it "works"? Is that the same as when it doesn't "work"?

    2. Is there any requirement for extra permissions documented by the vendor?

    3. Is there any ACCESS DENIED entries while performing a PROCMON capture of a non-admin user ?

    4. Is the behavior the same for a non-admin user as for an admin user with a default profile? As a non-admin user with a clean default profile?

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