Bitlocker Stuck at 84% in win 10 Pro. I am Unable to pause, turnoff or use my computer. RRS feed

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  • Hi, It has been a week since I lost access to my data partition. I have searched a lot to get solution but to no avail. I hope someone will have some idea how to fix this.

    I upgraded to win 10 pro and decided to use bitlocker on my data partition (D:). Bitlocker reached 84.1% in few hours and then it stop progressing. I waited for two days before I started worrying. At this point the computer is uselessly slow to the point it will take 5-10 minute for me to open anything. I found out that the cpu and memory is not used a lot but the hard disk is at 100% usage.

    I opened command com with elevated privilege  and tried to pause bitlocker but it did not work. I also tried to turn off bitlocker on that partition but that did not work either. These are some of the commands that I used in admi mode

    1.manage-bde -pause D:

    2.manage-bde -off D:

    The next thing that I tried is I shutdown the computer using the power off button(I took the risk).  When window start again, that partition was locked but now at-least I can use my pc. I can see the partition but I can not access it but if I unlock it using the password, bitlocker continue encrypting starting where it left an my pc becomes unusable again. Every thing becomes like toooo slow. 

    To recap this is where I am...

    1. Even though the encryption is not finished, I have the option to unlock the partition after I forcefully shutdown and turn on the PC by using the power button. I have  a working password and recovery Key. As soon as I enter the password to unlock the partition, it gets unlocked and encryption continues but it would not pass 84.1% and the system becomes dead slow again.

    2. I used password when I encrypt this partition. I have a working password and recovery file/key.

    3. I thought bitlocker faced some bad sectors with error even though it did not generate any message about bad sectors. I decided to run chkdsk from command prompt. I restarted the PC with my win7 pro recovery cd and tried to run chkdsk from command prompt "chkdsk D: /r" .It gave me some error message saying window can't perform chkdsk on raw partition or some thing like that.

    What I need to do......I need to stop bitlocker from trying to continue encryption so that either.....

    1. I could turn off bitlocker on that partition so that all my files are decrypted and never touch bitlocker again :-)  or

    2. I could pause bitlocker for a while and the partition stays unlocked and the PC becomes usable enough for me to copy all files on D: partition to external drive and then I could delete the partition or reformat it.

    As I have said in the beginning, I have tried to pause and turnoff  bitlocker from elevated command prompt before by using ......

    1.manage-bde -pause D:

    2.manage-bde -off D:

    to no avail. The command get executed but nothing changes. I know bitlocker is not paused because the PC will remain unusable. I also know bitlocker is not turned-off because I still can see the encryption process @84.1%.

    I have not tried bitlocker recovery app yet because I don't think It is relevant to my case. If anybody thinks that is the way to go, please let me know.

    Please let me know if you need further information.



    Tuesday, September 15, 2015 2:32 PM