Unattend.xml became empty after DISM apply Image and reboot RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    Hope you're fine, i need your help for an issue that appears randomly.

    I will try to explain all step to deploy our Windows Server 2012 R2.

    I use Pxe server to boot on network, and use WinPe as Boot. I modified the WinPe to Start a Powershell Script.

    This Script, will copy an XML file with ALL information of the VM (Vwware) to configure Windows(from network).


    • Import XML Info
    • Detect Windows version
    • Detect Hostname
    • Active C drive
    • Create an folder on C Drive - "WDS_Prov" (use later in windows)
    • And of course the script will deploy the correct WIM file with DISM - windows 2012 for me
    • after that, create multiple drive if requested, etc;etc,

    In the WIM file deployed, inside C:\windows\panther\unattend folder, the file Unattend.xml is present. During the process, to avoid any issue, i created a few "while loop" to detect if this file is present and of course not empty. After these checks, the script will modify the "ComputerName" in the XML to match with the request. And of course i save it (always in the c:\windows\panther\unattend folder). And again to avoid any issue, i check again if the file is not empty... (you will know why). 

    So at this moment, the VM is OK, wim file has deployed and the unattend file is correctly configured.

    To finish the process, i need to restart the vm and complete the install. And from now, the problem appears randomly.

    The server restart, and i see on my screen - Getting devices ready 100% and reboot again....

    When the process  failed, i m not remember the correct error message , but, if i check the xml file, this one is correctly in the c:\windows\panther, take space on disk.... BUT EMPTY .....  in fact not really, it's like multiple empty line ....

    I m completely lost, i m 100% sure the xml is not empty before the reboot, and randomly it become empty... and to be honest, sometimes, some of ps1 file or cmd become empty either.....

    I already recreate an new Image of Windows 2012 R2 will all last critical update, and use SySprep and dism to capture the c: drive. Still same issue.

    if you have any idea, if you need any version that i use to capture/deploy  or vm infra version or what else , please tell me.

    i will be in my office tomorow morning to try to solve this issue . :-S

    I really look forward to read you.

    My best regards


    raphael kariger

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