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  • I am interested in preferably one (But two would work) software applications that meets the following needs:

    1.  Keeps track of computers, the software that needs to be installed on them, primary users, IP addresses, etc.

    2.  Keeps track of users, the software they need, drives they need mapped, printers, other preferences, etc.

    3.  Keeps track of licensing (mostly MS), and can deal with the complexities of Volume Licensing, software assurance, CALs, primary/secondary use rights, etc.

    Note that when I say "Keep track of", I mean "I personally enter this in and refer to it later."  I don't need anything to automatically scan the network and profiles to figure this stuff out.  I don't care what people currently had installed when I'm replacing a machine - I care about what they actually NEED to have installed and configured.

    I've been considering writing this software myself for a while now, but people keep telling me that there's a ton of IT asset management software out there.  Most of them do OK on the "Here's my computers and the software installed" level, but they appear to be abysmal in the licensing tracking world - which should be integrated right there with the asset management.

    The licensing tracking software I've seen seems to be pretty generic - you list your # of licenses, an agreement #, and then list how many computers are running that software.  But MS licensing is 100x more complicated than that when it comes to software assurance, transferring licenses, retaining receipts/invoices to prove base licenses were purchased within 90 days of SA, secondary use rights for certain software (Don't need to buy 2 copies of Office for a person's PC and his personal laptop), CALs, etc.  You can't just buy 30 licenses and call it good...you need to know how these licenses are used.

    A single piece of software that could handle both of these tasks would be beautiful, but I could settle for two separate packages as well.  Does anybody know of a product like this?

    Saturday, July 17, 2010 4:19 AM