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  • Should these two questions be separate questions?  I think I try to do too many things...

    For Add Settings: I'm thinking the answer is an intuitive 'YES'; but, asking just to be sure.  If I ADD Policies in the Compliance version for my machine, WinXPPSP3 that don't already exit in the LocalGPO, will they work?

    I mean, it seems intuitively obvious that they should; but, I just need to make sure. 

    Blank Lines, etc.: And, if the policy exists in the LocalGPO but shouldn't be there, and it can't be found... I think I have some junk Registry entries, Blank Lines, Duplicate Subs, that move as a group, but not individually.

    If I leave them out, will it delete them?  Intuitively, I would say NO.  But, then, this begs the question... uh... where are they.  I believe I had some malware a long time ago leave some junk stuff that with their software gone, or for whatever reason, they're not needed.

    And, the Registry Entries listed as "Additional Settings" have gotten out of order when I do certain actions (sorry, don't remember, just experimenting)  and they show up alphabetized which means there are duplicates, which are sub categories like 'Description" (blank), and 'Safer Flags' (0), and so it's a list of them.  --- What do I do with them?  How do I get rid of them? (the registry entries are pretty clear on how to delete them, if not needed; but, what about the blank policies also listed under 'Additional settings'? 

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    Sunday, August 12, 2012 2:59 AM

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  • For your first question, LocalGPO doesn't 'contain' settings in the same sense that SCM does. SCM has a database of thousands of settings for Windows, Office, and other products. But LocalGPO has no such database, it can apply a GPO backup to the local GPO or create a GPO backup based on the current local GPO. So whatever settings you add to a baseline in SCM and export to a GPO backup will be applied by the LocalGPO tool.

    I'm not sure what you mean about blank lines and so on. If there is fouled up data in your local GPO our LocalGPO tool won't detect and clean them up for you, all it does is make a backup of the local GPO, whatever it may contain.


    Kurt Dillard

    Monday, August 13, 2012 2:50 PM