Hacker Defender help needed


  • Hi i think i may have posted this in the wrong section if this is the case i apologies,
    I am having problems using the rootkit hacker defender, basically I have set up back track 4 and a windows xp o/s within vmware which can both communicate, I want to install hacker defender on to the target which has vulnerabilities which i created, uploading the hacker defender files to the target is not a problem, I am having problems actually getting the hxdef100.exe to run as well as the backdoor it comes with, I may not be configuring the hxdef100.ini file correct either, i have seen an interesting video which shows some useful information but i still have problems....
    If any one as ever used the hacker defender and has any advice to give me it will be much appreciated, on looking there does not seem to be alot of resources available on the internet
    Friday, March 25, 2011 8:18 AM

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