Earned value question on SPI if we do NOT include new scope baseline hours into the overall baseline RRS feed

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    We are using MS Project 2007 Professional not server.

    Management does NOT want to roll up the BASELINE hours on approved changes to the schedule. They do however want to have the baseline dates reflected on approved changes in order to watch those tasks from a Finish variance perspective.

    On earned value....

    The SPI will NOT change at all as the baseline hours will not be there and therefore for all intent and purposes will NOT be included in the BCWP or BCWS calculations. Zero times a .25 or 1 will be zero on those tasks and therefore will not be included in any rollup BCWP or BCWS or for that matter BAC.

    ON EV we will have to watch the CPI as actuals will still be taken into account and will have to watch the Finish variance and other means for whaere those tasks are.

    We will not be able to tell on those particular tasks from an EV perspective on SPI where we are at.

    Is all the above correct?

    Anything I am missing?


    Saturday, November 12, 2011 2:26 PM


  • The only safe way to go is to take a copy of the schedule and experiment with updates for tasks etc and see what you get compared to what you expect.

    After changes like this I would take a seperate baseline and roll baseline changes up. That way you can compare both scenarios for a few weeks.

    Under Tools, Options, Calculation (I think) you can choose which baseline is used to calculate earned value. In addition this setting determines which baseline is used for variance caluculations as well. Now you can have which ever scenario makes you look better!

    Rod Gill

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    Saturday, November 12, 2011 7:31 PM