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  • I recently reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) and I've been struggling to get something set back up how I had it before.  I've tried everything I could think of, everything I've been suggested or could find, nothing has worked so far.

    First off, my taskbar is set to "Never Combine", I want each window to have its own taskbar button.

    Before, I had (among others) two shortcuts in my taskbar.  One of these was a direct shortcut to one of my harddrives.  Clicking it would open an Explorer window, navigated to the E: drive.  The icon that I clicked would expand out and become the window's taskbar button, no new button would be added to the taskbar.  The other shortcut was for my website's FTP server.  I don't remember how I got it there in the first place, but before I did the reinstall I backed this one up (just this one, not the E: drive one unfortunately.)  This FTP shortcut behaved the same as the E: drive shortcut, clicking it would open the Explorer window, and would expand the FTP site's taskbar button into the actual window's taskbar button.  Furthermore, opening My Computer, or any other Windows Explorer window, would not affect either of these two icons.  In the case that I opened a different Explorer window, a new taskbar button would appear after all the current buttons.

    Now, I don't remember how the E: drive shortcut was set up, but since I backed up the FTP shortcut, I know that its target was this:

    C:\Windows\explorer.exe /e /root,ftp://username:password@mysite.com/

    (I changed the credentials, obviously.) I've also set my E: drive shortcut's Target to this:

    C:\Windows\explorer.exe /e /root,E:\

    Anyway, after a lot of messing around, I managed to get both of these shortcuts back on the taskbar, as their own separate buttons (i.e. not pinned to a jumplist, they're directly on the taskbar itself), but there are problems.

    First, while clicking the E: drive shortcut does exactly what it should, opens an Explorer window using the shortcut itself as the taskbar button, so does opening any other Explorer window.  By that I mean that if I open My Computer, My Documents, Libraries, or any other Explorer window...it uses the E: drive shortcut's icon as the taskbar button.  Also, clicking on the FTP shortcut's icon uses the E: drive shortcut's icon as the taskbar button, instead of using the FTP shortcut.  I recorded a screen capture video to try to show you what I meant by this, since I was having a hard time explaining it with words (ignore the "once again" part, this was the second video I recorded for this same thread on another site):


    I hope that does a better job of explaining what I mean, and what I want.  Basically, I want this:

    click E: drive shortcut, new window opens, E: drive shortcut expands into taskbar button for that window
    click FTP shortcut, new window opens, FTP shortcut expands into taskbar button for that window (not grouped with the E: drive icon, separate)
    open ANY other Explorer window (Computer, Documents, Games, Libraries, etc.), new window opens, new taskbar button is created after the existing buttons

    Now for some information.  Like I said, Taskbar buttons are set to "Never Combine", in Folder Options, on the General tab, I have these options: "Open each folder in the same window", "Double-click to open an item", "Show all folders" checked, "Automatically expand to current folder" unchecked. Under the View tab, I've unchecked "Launch folder windows in a separate process" (although I have tried it with this checked as well and it didn't seem to make a difference.)  I also tried making a copy of explorer.exe, naming it explorer2.exe, and pointing one of the shortcuts at it, didn't work, I never get an instance of explorer2.exe in the task manager.

    I hope I've given enough information and that SOMEONE here knows how to help me with this.  I know it's possible, otherwise I couldn't have done it before I reinstalled.  I know that I didn't install any third-party software to help me accomplish it, I used just what Windows had to offer.  Please, this is driving me crazy, because I had it working before and it's fighting me at every turn now.

    Friday, April 29, 2011 11:48 AM


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post!

    Through your video, it seems the way you make the Drive E like you want because it's acutrally an explorer.exe application, and you change the icon and Target.

    However, you cannot pin the same exeplorer.exe on the taskbar, so you create a text and named it xxx.exe file, then pin it on the taskbar. When you click it, it should be opened by the exeplorer.exe. It showed exactly the same as your video.  

    I dont' think you can pin the same application on the taskbar at the same time. Unless they're different version, for example, you can pin both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer (64-bit) on the taskbar. In this case, you may pin the different version of explorer.exe in taskbar and give them different targets.




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