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  • It all started when my regular account became corrupted,  I then made a new account and changed it to administrator and changed the previous account to user.  This obviously was a mistake when my new administrator account did not show up at the log in screen.  When trying to log in under "other user" a message came up saying "the logon service was not started".  After some research, i found the service that was currently disable and i needed to enable it.  The problem is, is that to enable it, you need administrator access.  How can I change this setting while being a user?  I am not worried about losing any files because i have them all saved somewhere else.

    PS the hidden administrator account is not working on my computer due to another service that needs to be enabled.

    Any help would be appreciated..... Thanks

    Monday, January 21, 2013 5:42 PM

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  • Do you Google ? Do you live in a state where medically prescribed google is legal for the treatment of certain illnesses ?

    Querying the web for the OS version and your specific error message, such as  "vista the logon service is disabled"

    returned a hit at another MS forum site that sounds nearly identical to your problem.

    I despise just responding with a link and no summary so I would start with the steps taken by Davivid on May 12th:


    Now, here is the burearacracy, Microsoft still doesn't think I've verified my account so I'm prohibited from postings links BUT, they don't prohibit posting links in the description of edits and revisions, so drop down on this posting to the reason I eidited the post and you'll have the full URL.

    And anyone enthusiastically preparing to instruct me how to update and confirm my profile, thanks but half of you will be wrong anyways since it too cumbersome and my own observations show that half of the answers to such banal procedures are always wrong regardless of the well meanng intention of the contributor and the other half will tell me what I already know and I'll ping the moderators back again since this seems to be an occassional issue with user profiles.

    There is preamble to his post that sounds identical to your problem.

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    Thursday, January 24, 2013 4:51 PM
  • I need to append my earlier reply and strongly urge you to just stop and get some professional help. Rereading your post, it is apparent fixing PC's isn't your forte and despite your visit to the largest forum of experts, at best you're going to get blithe responses that fail to account for what your true issues are and you're going to start pushing on buttons and turning things based on the shallow advice of members that really can't determine your issue because you can't adequately describe it.

    That is just a statement of fact, isn't meant to impugn you or your determination, but you're having issues with the most cantankerous operating system Microsoft made and even they sheepishly wish it would just go away.  You can remain on the web and keep taking disjointed advice from various websites but eventually you'll realize it is just as foolish as trying to diagnose your car by reading blog after blog and the whole time making more problems while failing to determine the original. Eventually, you'll just end up reformatting the drive after wasting time in your sincere but futile efforts to fix it yourself and reformat/ reinstall is something you could've done by the time you started reading this message.

    If you need that computer to be operational, if you aren't absolutely sure you have all of your files backed up, then call a pro, even the BestBuy GeekSquad if you don't already have a reliable Nerdinja cause I can predict your disaster from here and sooner than later in the future.

    Others will disagree, and they'll blithely tell you "yes you can" and don't worry, "just do the following", but the things they say won't make complete sense because you aren't qualified to fully understand it, and we aren't fully capable of baroquely explaining the overly complex.  Good luck.

    Thursday, January 24, 2013 9:46 PM
  • Hi mate.How r ya doin? Not too sweet it seems eh? Nyway hav u tryd F10, go into BIOS and reset/change your Administrator Password,which will reset your setup,and hopefully sort out the drama.Make sure to save your settings b4 leaving BIOS. PS. Make a restore point on your system before doing any of the above incase she dont work mate.Nyway, hope that helps ya pal.Bill.OBrien,Wairarapa.New Zealand. C ya pal.Luck of the Irish to ya mate
    Monday, January 28, 2013 4:26 AM