Slow Fin Ack when using IE7 RRS feed

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    I've been trouble shooting a slow response on a web app we access over the internet. I took some network traces and found the delay was in connecting to a web analytics site. The stream used TLS 1.0 and everything went fine until the final piece of data was ACK'ed. There would then be a 4 second delay until the client sent a FIN ACK and the stream would then be closed.

    If we upgraded the client to IE8 then there wouldn't be an discernable delay before the FIn ACK was sent. I realise that we can solve the issue by upgrading the clients to IE8 but I'd really like to know why IE7 pauses for so long and IE8 doesn't.

    Can anyone enlighten me?


    Mr P

    Friday, April 5, 2013 12:31 PM

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