Bug Report and Work Around: Option selections do not stick for Generate WBS, Verify Uniqueness of WBS and periodically do not stick for Show External RRS feed

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  • In the WBS Code Definition Dialog box, if you select or deslect either or both Generate WBS Code for New Task, or Verify Uniqueness of new WBS codes, then select OK, when you reopen the WBS Code Definition Dialog box, your selections will be unchanged. To change the checked or unchecked status that you want to change, you must first change the setting to what you want, then change it back to what was originally displayed. If you reopen the dialog box, the setting will have changed to the state that you wanted, even though it was not displayed when you clicked OK.

    If you select File>Options>Advanced and select both Show external successors and Show external predecessors, occasionally, only Show external successors remains selected. Since this only happens occasionally, you need to verify that it is not happening to you. When it is happening, you need to change them one at a time.

    Dean Carroll
    Monday, December 5, 2011 9:22 PM