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  • Hi all,

    yesterday I stumbled over an issue the third time in 2 1/2 years. I cannot believe that it is only us that have this issue in the world - so I hope of someone else...

    Imagine a Project Server farm (2007 SP3, but I had the same thing already in 2010) with two PWA instances
    http://server/pwa and http://server/test. /test is produced from a backup / restore of the 4 /pwa databases.

    You use both instances for several months and everything works as it should.

    Then suddenly, you come back from lunch and open http://server/pwa

    You click on "Project Center" and notice: "uuuh - different colours in the website design - i must have access /test in accident?

    You go back to the starting page of /pwa and hover across the quicklaunch. You find that every default link in quicklaunch accesss is now leading to /test.

    Only chance to fix this - as far as I know currently - is to delete /pwa and /test and recreate them from the 4 Project Server databases. They are internally OK, the source of the issue must lie somewhere internally.

    I had support calls for the first issue of this 2 1/2 years ago with no real hint how this could happen, Also for the 2010 issue 1 year ago - there I had spent the night trying to fix the issue leading to nothing apart from not being able to show the original issue to the support staff anymore.

    But in both cases I was told that such an issue was unknown to Microsoft support :-(

    Thanks for response


    Tuesday, July 17, 2012 7:57 AM

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  • Hi Christoph,

    You are not alone, I do remember we did have a client on PS 2007 who experienced the exact same issue you describe.

    Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to look in to this fully as the client needed the issue resolving ASAP.

    I am yet to see this on 2010 though...


    Paul Mather | Twitter |

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012 1:36 PM
  • Hi Paul,

    thanks :-)

    I also found that one:

    Any consequences from your side regarding new implementations?

    The customer we had with the 2007 issue has now two web applicatíons in two SharedServices Prroviders - the issue did not come back

    The 2010 customer decided to put his training instance into a separate farm....

    Any PSI development you did for that customer? The customer with the new issue from yesterday experienced the issue while testing a small application we developed for him to update a project custom field with information from a lob application. He still has a slight suspect that it is our fault.... :-(


    Tuesday, July 17, 2012 1:55 PM