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  • At my work we are in the process of creating an intranet to remove internal stuff from our front facing website.

    Now we had a company come in and do the initial design which was ok but I am now left to do the actual work and am struggling with a small issue.

    The design is pretty much that their is no department sites and is designed around easy access to data..e.g all policy and procedure in one area.


    However due to the nature that the site will have multiple subsites and a department might need to manage several parts on different subsites to get everyone to use it we need away of allowing them to update the pages in one area and for them to then be pushed off to the relevent area.


    This is where I am struggling  for procedures and policy etc it was semi easy as I just created ctype for each of the types and then use the content query web part to show them on the policy page as one area.


    But there is a section working here which comprises of docs and web pages:  The docs are semi easy as I use the content query web part to display them on the page but I am trying to access whether I have to like it or lump it and have the pages on the working here section and if they need updated then the dept need to go there or if I can allow them to make the changes in their own site and then push/send it to the relevent area?


    Could I do this with a workflow?

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