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  • Hello together,

    can anyone confirm that workflows which use a commit event in Project Server 2013 work properly? Having tested several scenarios, it seems that whenever a portfolio is commited in the portfolio analyser, all involved project are commited in workflows, even the unselected projects which were moved out/forced out.


    1. Create a custom cost field, two workflow stages, strategic drivers with priorisation.
    2. Create a workflow with SharePoint Designer.
      Stage 1, action: "Wait for Event: When a project is committed", then go to stage 2
      Stage 2, no action, go to end of workflow.
    3. Create enterprise project type for the workflow.
    4. Create 2 projects for this enterprise project type.
    5. Create a portfolio with those two projects.
    6. Create a portfolio analysis where one project remains selected and the other is unselected (moved out or forced out).
    7. Save and commit this portfolio analysis.

    Result: Both project proceed to the next stage in the workflow.

    Expected Result: Only one project proceed to the next stage in the workflow.

    Tested in 3 instances, German and English. CU June 2013.

    Can anyone confirm whether they actually get the expected behaviour (please stage language/patch level) or whether the "Wait for Event: When a project is committed" needs to be used in a different way?

    Thank you in advance and kind regards,

    Friday, September 6, 2013 12:44 PM

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