Missing Messages on Social Media RRS feed

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  • I was running a disk cleanup because apparently my disk space was almost used up (though with what, I can't figure out.) So I decided to run a disk cleanup on my Surface RT, and that seemed to do something. However, I discovered it deleted the programs I had pinned to my desktop and now for whatever reason I cannot view my messages via DeviantART (it is like Facebook, only for artists). I've restarted, rebooted, refreshed, logged off and then back on three times, retyped in the URL, but nothing I do can seem to fix this problem. I can still view my messages on Gmail and on YouTube, but not on DeviantART. I know it isn't something with the website because I can view my messages on my laptop, but not my Surface. If anyone has any ideas as how to fix this or what the problem might be, please help!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014 3:26 PM