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  • I am having a problem with Windows 10 Home saying that access is denied on a non-existent folder.

    I trying to encrypt my documents folder and the operation fails with "Access Denied " on Documents\My Music"

    there is no folder called My Music in the documents folder.

    I checked for hidden folders - no folder of that name shows.

    opened dos box and did a dir in the documents folder - My Music not listed.

    went back to windows explorer and tried to create new My Music folder and it said it already exists - do i want to merge the folders. did that but all it did was create a new folder called "New Folder"

    tried chkdsk /f on the disk - same problem.

    any ideas on how to fix?

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  • It's not a true folder, it's a reparse point.

    From a Command Prompt, try: dir /al

    You'll see something like the following:

    Directory of C:\Users\keith\Documents

    13/12/17  11:51 PM    <JUNCTION>     My Music [C:\Users\keith\Music]
    13/12/17  11:51 PM    <JUNCTION>     My Pictures [C:\Users\keith\Pictures]
    13/12/17  11:51 PM    <JUNCTION>     My Videos [C:\Users\keith\Videos]
                   0 File(s)              0 bytes
                   3 Dir(s)  504,704,016,384 bytes free

    They're there for backward compatibility. It points to your Music folder. While its permissions give access denied when trying to view it, you can traverse it. Typing in the Address bar of Explorer:

    C:\users\<UserName>\Documents\My Music\<known folder in music>

    will open the folder from Music.

    Does your encryption program allow you to just skip it? that would be the easiest.

    They have their System attribute set as well as Hidden, so if you didn't also set explorer view options to show Protected System files, you wouldn't have seen them.

    PS C:\Users\keith\documents> gci -attribute reparsepoint -force

        Directory: C:\Users\keith\documents

    Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
    ----                -------------         ------ ----
    d--hsl         13/12/17  10:51 PM                My Music
    d--hsl         13/12/17  10:51 PM                My Pictures
    d--hsl         13/12/17  10:51 PM                My Videos


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