No video using either DVI or analog RRS feed

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  • This may be more a hardware question, but I'm trying to tap every resource I know of.

    I bought a Dell Optiplex GX270 to use as a file / media server. I have XP SP3 installed. My intent was to use my existing Home Theatre kit to run TOS audio and S-Video from the Optiplex to my television. I added the appropriate cards (PCI for audio, AGP 8X for video) and began to set it up. The first AGP card would output video but only in black & white. I sent it back and got a Radeon 9250. When I boot up the machine there is nothing. No boot beeps, no display, no nothing. I tried connecting the Optiplex to my LCD monitor both thru the digital input and then thru the analog input. Still nothing. The four "diagnostic" lights on the back plane all go green which according to Dell means all's well. I reset the cables to the HD thinking is had crapped out but no luck. I thought I could use my XP Pro disk to run diagnostics but since even the boot screen doesn't appear that's not going to work. Suggestion, thoughts, comments?

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  • Are there supposed to be POST beeps?  On some machines you can turn those off in the BIOS.

    But anyway, if you were hearing them before and you're not now this means the machine isn't passing POST.  The green lights probably mean that the mainboard components are good.  I'd try a different video card along with the LCD and see if that works.  If it does, send the ATI card back for a replacement (it could be you're just not getting enough voltage in the AGP slot to run the card.)  Once you have the replacement card working properly with the LCD try hooking it up to the TV and see what happens.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:30 PM
  • Ok, i had similar issue.

    Turned out to be other card was causing issue... if any remove other cards: Example SOUND card, modem card.

    To make sure all is good; shutdown machine remove power cable, Remove memory sticks... power on. You should get few beeps.

    If so motherboard is good. Install back memory.  

    How about connecting your monitor to the onboard video card. If that works then load the drivers for your new video card.

    If you already tried all these steps above then: Shut all power down to monitor and PC. Disconnect all cables... START from scratch.

    Remove aftermarket video card. Connect all cables, power on. If all loads well then shut down remove power cable. Install new video card,

    connect all back and power back on....cross your fingers. Hope this helps.



    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 3:41 PM