How to test the Speed of Fiber connected Tape Library through DPM RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am using DPM 2012 R2 to take the Backup to Dell Tape Library connected through Fiber Channel on Physical Machines .

    we have two tape drives in Library , and i have checked the backup on both drives indivisually to disable the drive one by one through DPM Console .

    The issue is I am facing extremely slow Data Transfer to Tape during Backup after some times all the backup Jobs got stucked..

    I am facing such issues since 3-4 Days earlier its was working properly..

    Is any way to test the Fiber connectivity of Tape Library that connected to Physical Machines ??

    please suggest solution to this issue.

    Shailendra Dev

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014 5:33 AM

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  • Hi,

    You can try to reproduce the problem outside of DPM using some external utilities.  If you have more than one drive in the library, run the test against both drives simultaneously to simulate multiple backup jobs running.  If you get an error before the tape fills you can use net helpmsg errorcode to see what the error was.

    Download the file from the following link and extract to c:\temp folder.

    The utilities are not that user friendly, but here are the basics.

    Always Stop DPMLA Service prior to running MCT.EXE Commands.


    C:\> mct-x64.exe -p

    Opening changer \\.\Changer0

         ********** Changer Parameters **********

             Number of Transport Elements : 1
             Number of Storage Elements : 50
             Number of Cleaner Slots : 0
             Number of of IE Elements : 0
             Number of NumberDataTransferElements : 6
             Number of Doors : 0

             First Slot Number : 0
             First Drive Number : 0
             First Transport Number : 0
             First IEPort number : 0
             First Cleaner Slot Address : 0

             Magazine Size : 0

             Drive Clean Timeout : 600

      Flags set for the changer :

     Changer can move from Slot to :

     Changer can move from Drive to :

     Changer is Capable of positioning transport to Slot.
     Changer is Capable of positioning transport to Drive.

    C:\> mct-x64.exe -d

    Opening changer \\.\Changer0
    Product Data for Medium Changer device :
      Vendor Id    : STK
      Product Id   : L180
      Revision     : 030
      SerialNumber : 3077520000

    For MCT utility we have the  -m [MOVE] command to move media around inside the library.

    -m [ElemType-T] Transport# [ElemType-Source] S_lot#/D_rive# [ElemType-Destination] S_lot#/D_rive#

    Get / view command syntax for –m (move) command for changer 0

    C:\>mct-x64 0 -m

    Opening changer \\.\Changer0
    MoveMedium : mct -m t N s\d N s\d N   [Where s/d means Slot or Drive and N is ZERO based].


    Some Examples:

    mct-x64 -m t 0 s 0 d 0    (Using transport-0, move media from slot-0  to drive-0)
    mct-x64 -m t 0 d 0 s 0    (Using transport-0, move media from drive-0 to slot-0)
    mct-x64 -m t 0 s 0 s 100  (Using transport-0, move media from slot-0  to slot-100)
    mct-x64 -m t 0 d 0 d 1    (Using transport-0, move media from drive-0 to drive-1)
    mct-x64 -m t 0 s 0 ie 0   (Using transport-0, move media from slot-0  to IEPort 0)


    Once you move a tape into a drive, use mytape commands Loadtape, taperewind, locktape, Disable hardware compression, Set block size to 65536 (64K), writeforspanning.

    You need the symbolic name for the tape drive you loaded media into - look in the DPM console by clicking the tape drive and look at the details for \\.\tape########.  use that in the following command.


    Mytape.exe \\.\Tape2147483638

    Status: Getting the handle for \\.\Tape2147483638...Success


    Status: Rewinding Tape ...Success


    Hardware error correction  [y]-Enable / [n] Disable : y
    Hardware data compression  [y]-Enable / [n] Disable : N   (BE SURE TO DISABLE)
    Data padding  [y]-Enable / [n] Disable : n
    Setmark reporting   [y]-Enable / [n] Disable : n
    Number of bytes between the end-of-tape warning and the physical end of the tape: 0
    Status: Setting Drive Information...Success


    Status: Writing onto tape...Failed !!!
    Error_ID reported: 1100                 (net helpmsg 1100 = The physical end of the tape has been reached.
    Number of bytes written: 983040     (Ignore bytes written, we'll get physical tape position later)
    Giving up
    Time taken: 15788ms


    Status: Rewinding Tape ...Success


    REPEAT TapeConsole_1.0>erasetape">\\.\Tape2147483638>TapeConsole_1.0>erasetape s

    Short erase / Long Erase [s/l]:Status: Erasing the tape...Success

    --------------------  GET LAST BLOCK WRITTEN -----------------------------
    mct-x64.exe -m t 0 s 0 d 0

    Mytape.exe \\.\Tape2147483646

    Status: Getting the handle for \\.\Tape2147483646...Success


    Status: Rewinding Tape ...Success


    Status: Getting Tape Position...Success
                          Tape Position
    Absolute Position:
    Current tape partition: 0
    Current tape ,1558917 <--- Where 1558917*65536=102,165,184,512 (102GB)
    Logical Position:
    Current tape partition: 1
    Current tape ,1558917


    c:\>mct-x64.exe -m t 0 d 0 s 0   Move the tape back to respective slot.

    Opening changer \\.\Changer0
    Source is a Drive
    Destination is a Slot
    Move : Transport - 0, Src - 0, Dest - 0

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    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 5:01 AM