TMG 2010 Work As a Router


  • A tmg 2010 is installed in my organization and also work as proxy. My router suddenly becomes out of order due to physical failure.

    I am managing my users by LAN and also using static WAN IP-Pool and different static ip are being used on servers machines. So the internet was stopped due to router failure.

    So I put internet cable in one NIC of tmg servers with static WAN ip and then internet is available on the server. Then on the second NIC i configure the LAN ip (i.e gateway for my LAN clients) and put the other end of the cable in my LAN switch . Now users are getting internet without any problem.

    But the problem which i began to face after router failure that i can not use other WAN static IPs on my computer. When i use LAN ip (i.e. then internet is working on my compuer, but when i remove LAN ip and put static IP on my same computer then internet is not working.

    Now i want that i can also use the other WAN static ips from IP pool because sometimes management and managers need high speed of internet

    Please help me in this regard. 

    A quick easy solution will be highly appreciated....

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    Tuesday, March 27, 2018 10:42 AM