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    After an admin user changes the site address of a site in SharePoint Admin Center,  the original site address will not be available when creating new sites.

    Reproduce Steps

    1. Create a new SharePoint site named “ModernTestTeamSite”.

    1. Change the site address to “ModernTest-TeamSite”.

    1. If we try to create a new site with the original address “ModernTestTeamSite”,  SharePoint will automatically add “2” behind the site address.


    1. Delete the changed site to check if the original site address will be available. Firstly, we can delete the “ModernTest-TeamSite” site in the SharePoint Admin Center Active sites list. But the original site address is still not available. Then permanently delete the “ModernTest-TeamSite” site from first Recycle Bin stage with the command “Remove-SPODeletedSite”.

    1. After permanent deletion, the issue remains the same. SharePoint still adds “2” when trying to use the address ” ModernTestTeamSite”.
    1. If we try to remove the original site address using “Remove-SPODeletedSite” command, error message “Unable to find the deleted site…” will be returned.

    1. Use “Get-SPOSite” command to check if the original site address still exists. It returns the original site address like the screenshot below.

    1. Try to use “Remove-SPOSite” command to remove the original site. After that, the site address  “ModernTestTeamSite” will be available.


    There are two methods to resolve this issue:

    1. Use “Remove-SPOSite” PowerShell commend to remove original site address:

    Remove-SPOSite <SiteURL>

    2. Create the site using original site address even though it is automatically added “2” behind the address, then use PowerShell command below to change the site address to original site address:

    Start-SPOSiteRename -Identity <SiteURL> -NewSiteUrl <NewSiteURl>





    Change site addresses(Preview)

    Hope the above information can be helpful. If you need further assistance on this issue, feel free to post a question via clicking "Ask a question" at the top left of this page, we will try our best to help you!

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