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  • Dear All.

    I prepare a several-year H2020 EU project with multiple partners and personnel. That type of project is quite a sketch, not very detailed. I assigned a student as a resource with a monthly salary (€XXXX/mo) and 24-hour calendar, prorated work. The project is 4 years, so to get it calculating reasonable durations, I had to change the month to 22 workdays. 

    When I assign work to a student for 1 year it assigns about 49 months value of work. Only a little change, if I assign Standard calendar and €YY/h rate. I do not want to kill a student, nor work for him over time but wanted to have for him 12 monthly salaries for the job. I opened a Resource Sheet and added a Cost column and there appears a total cost which is too high. I am new to Project, I use version 1908 of Professional. 

    Any help is appreciated. 


    Marcin B


    Monday, September 2, 2019 11:08 AM

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  • mbalcerzyk,

    Welcome to Project. As you have found it is not a particularly user-friendly application.

    A couple of things to note.

    First is understanding Project's working time calendar. You mention that you use the 24h calendar, yet this in not how the student will normally work, I assume. I suggest you use the Standard calendar, or a copy of it customized for your particular working times and appropriate holidays.

    Second, even though you set a resource's rate as €XXX/mo, internally Project stores all time related data in minutes, €YY/min. Using the Standard calendar (8-5), there are 124,800 working minutes a year or 10,400 minutes/month. So one way to translate the student's monthly rate is to divide the monthly salary by 10,400 and then set the Standard Rate as €YYY/min.

    However, if your student is paid a monthly rate regardless of how many hours he/she works each month, Project can't accommodate that directly, you will need something to translate the pay rate. For more information, see this Wiki article:

    When set up this way, when you enter the student's tasks, use hours for the duration instead of months. The cost should calculate correctly. No student needs to die from overwork.

    Hope this helps.


    Monday, September 2, 2019 5:14 PM