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  • I am trying to take a spreadsheet of information that I have downloaded from a form on our web site, and create a list based on what people have submitted. This is a meeting registration form. I have fields for name, email, role, and a column for each meeting. If they have selected a meeting, it places an X in the column. They are able to choose more than one meeting to attend.

    my question is, is there a way to put this into a mail merge directory, so I can print a report per meeting that will show who is attending? (if they are attending more than one meeting, I want the name to show up on each location.)

    i have tried multiple If..Then..Else statements, (If meeting = x, display name, email, etc). But I also want all attendees to a certain meeting to show up in a list. I can get it so it shows the city with 1 name per page.

    I am starting to wonder if a directory is the answer, or if I should do an Excel LOOKUP feature per meeting?

    I am trying to make this form in a format so it will be easier for someone else, and in the process am making it too hard for ME!

    thank you for any advice.


    Friday, July 11, 2014 8:44 PM